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All black everything. I always go back to black, it never fails. Even when I try and add "color" in to my wardrobe, it's usually in the form of grey, beige maybe some blue!

Blame it on my years of working for M.A.C maybe, I love an all black ensemble. There's something that always feels powerful about it, sophisticated, rock and roll, effortlessly cool. 

You never have to think, does this match? It's just a matter of what kind of vibe do you want to put out... polished, vintage, coiffed, or cool girl. 

My favorite attempt is cool girl or rock vintage. It's what I identify with based on style icons I adore. Debbie Harry and Gillian Jacobs on the Netflix LOVE series are my current inspirations. Now, I used the word attempt, because it's all subjective to perception. I just like what I like and know what I don't like for me and my body type. 

For this all black outfit, I wanted to keep it simple. Black dress, Moto Jacket, Textured Shoe and Textured Bag. Honestly if all else fails, add some leather and some texture, it's a fail safe if you ask me, it instantly makes you feel effortless and cool. 

I promise I will make an effort to post some things with color, not a lot, but some! 

Now that my all black secret is revealed, what should we discuss next?