At Attention: Army Green One Piece

The Luxe Wife Army Green Onepiece
The Luxe Wife Army Green Onepiece 02
The Luxe Wife Army Green 03
The Luxe Wife Army Green Onepiece 04
The Luxe Wife Army Green One Piece 05



Tis the season... beach season that is. 

For me, living in Tampa Bay, beach season is pretty much year round. I don't say that to rub sand and salt water in your wounds while snow is coming down in parts of the country. On the flip side, I have to stay swimsuit ready year round pretty much. Food for thought...

The last image, certainly illustrates that I DO NOT take myself seriously and am not attempting to become a bikini model. I do however work for an online local bikini company that I absolutely adore. The product, the people, the brand, I couldn't have found a better work home for myself. 

Naturally, a swimsuit post was inevitable given my locale and my career role. This is one of my favorite swim pieces that we have created thus far. I was never big on one pieces as they generally didn't flatter or fit my body type. This one right here though, it's a keeper.

Army green is one of those colors I will incorporate into my wardrobe (another good neutral outside of black that I like, ha). I love the way this particular suit makes me feel, I could paddle board or chill pool side and not feel like I'm hanging out in the wrong places. 

Pantone designated Greenery as color of the year for 2017, and I have to admit I'm feeling it. I'm digging the green, the earthiness and vibe it gives me when I slip on the hue. 

I'd encourage you to snag a piece, be it the form of a swimsuit, an military jacket, and boyfriend jean, whatever you like. You won't regret adding this color to the mix. 

Cheers to a beautiful swim season!