Sweet Tooth: Little Indulgences

The Luxe Wife Sweet Tooth



2017! How did we get here? And where in the world does the time go?

Naturally, if we are going to be friends, you must know that I have a serious sweet tooth at all times. I can be full from a delicious meal and ALWAYS find room for dessert. 

This probably is due to the food culture in my home growing up. My mom always had some sort of sweet something around. Be it brownies, cookies, cake, or pie, and not just something store bought either, usually something she would whip up for us, so you know it was good. Needless to say, with such delightfully sweet treats staring at me on the regular, she and I would usually indulge in the sugary goodness for breakfast. It was like a morning ritual for us. We were definitely a dessert first kind of home. One of my favorite things about that woman! 

While it's a favorite memory of my youth and my mom, it has influenced my taste palette for years. It certainly presents its challenges from a nutritious and health standpoint...

What's the moral of this rambling you might ask? Simply this, sweets are not the enemy as long as it's in moderation. Determining what's moderate can be challenging, acknowledgement is the first step though right?

I've tried many times to cut them out completely, however, it seems when I attempt this endeavor I devour even more sweets than before I cut them out! And then I feel like I'm being shamed for my downward spiral. Shame, shame, shame... 

Now, I'm not a nutritionist, this is all simply my opinion from my life experience thus far. However, there are several articles on the matter and I have found myself down the black hole of the internet reading a lot of them. I think you just have to decide for yourself. 

And I've decided, that for me, if I stay consistent with my fitness (for the most part I do since finding activities that I love) and eat more of a balanced diet (for a Kentucky girl this meant adding raw vegetables and removing all the fried goodness I grew up around) then it's not the end of my efforts when I have a small sweet treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. It's never perfect and it's still a work in progress, but the more active I find myself and fueling my days with quality nutrients I realize it's more of a reward when I consume something sweet. It keeps me on track and I'm less likely to de-rail my daily diet and fitness routine. 

My current favorite sweet reward is a Dark Chocolate square by Lindt Lindor or Ghirardelli. Just in case you want to bring me some! 

Just my thoughts today. Happy Hump Day!