2017 Goals: What fuels you?



What fuels you?

Depends on the day right? We are fueled by so many emotions in an hour alone. A whole day can feel like a roller coaster especially if its a Monday.  A YEAR is just plain crazy to think about all the emotions we experience in that time frame, the feelings and notions that we ignore or allow to implode depleting us even more!

How often do you pause, take a moment and think to yourself how am I feeling? What is currently motivating me and fueling me today?

I focused on today in the question, because it's important to think of the present. Sure we can go back in time or think about how we may be feeling in the future. It's important to check in right at this very moment to get an accurate reading or your current state. 

Are you feeling Tired? Ecstatic? Sad? Successful? Resentful? Self-Deprecating?

There are so many feelings out there and we are conditioned to glaze over them if they aren't a socially acceptable conversation piece. It's time to break the habit of glazing over how you feel my friends. It's also ok if you don't know exactly how you feel, when you first start reflecting on it, it can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. That's a good start though, because guess what those are feelings! If you can take 5-10 min each day and reflect, it will become more and more insightful allowing you to be more in tune with your needs. 

Once you can start taping into what emotions your feeling, you can start assessing what influenced you to feel them in the first place. Especially if they are bearing negative influence on you. For example, if you're feeling jealous or resentful, you may find that you are being fueled by vengeance, seeking destruction or malicious intent on someone who has wronged you, perhaps even yourself. Vengeance is a brutal beast, if we fall victim to it, no only does it poison our bodies, it also lies to our minds. Jealous feelings fueled by vengeance often convinces us we are not good enough. 

On the flip side, you may be feeling happy and successful in this moment, perhaps you were fueled by your competitive side which allowed you to break your own personal best or beat someone else at the task at hand. It's important to acknowledge the good feelings when they are good, they can be fleeting as so many emotions are. Staying present and enjoying the feeling of joy is a wonderful thing. Knowing you are feeling successful fueled by competition is an insightful thing, it can open you to the truth that maybe you are competing against others versus trying to beat your own personal best. Maybe you manipulated the situation in an untruthful way that allowed you to feel the success you were seeking. These truths will allow you to ensure your fuel is "environmentally friendly" for yourself. Wouldn't you prefer to garner even the positive feelings and emotions from "clean" fuel, allowing you to relish in the positive feelings even longer?

Maybe you do give thought to this question of, What Fuels You? This may already be a habit of yours. If so, kudos to you for being light years ahead. I know for me, this is something I'm trying, key word trying, to be more mindful of within myself. 

At the end of the day, my goal in asking myself what fueled my emotions, my actions, my thoughts today is very enlightening if I listen. I'm finding that the acknowledgment allows me to open myself up to the truth more. I'm learning to acknowledge these truths without judgment, which is very challenging for myself, since I'm my own worst critic. It makes me very uncomfortable to face some of these emotions, almost like looking in a distorted mirror, we often times don't want to look because we don't like what we see.

My objective in sharing this post is that if I am thinking these things and feeling this way, maybe I'm not the only one. My hope then is, if you find yourself nodding along as you read, we can support one another and encourage ourselves to dive in head first when confronting our truths. 

You are good enough. Keep doing your best, we are in this together!