Tick Tock... What are you waiting for?

The Luxe Wife Time

image Ashlee Hamon

That annoying old clock that keeps you up at night. Tick tock, tick tock... 

Well, I suppose these days most of us have a digital form of keeping track of time, which is even a bit scarier if you ask me. Why? Simply because hours can escape you before you even realize they're gone. Thanks Facebook and Netflix! Oh, the black hole of technology and how it consumes us. 

It's a necessary evil (one that I recognize is allowing me to convey these words to you as you read them right this moment). It still proves a very tough concept to digest at times.

Technology seems to go hand in hand with the millennial generation. While I don't always identify as a millennial, both of my parents were of the baby boomer generation, which translates to me having more of an old school upbringing. I find myself at a crossroads most days. A crossroads of technology vs tangibility. A crossroads of millennial influence vs baby boomer influence. 

I'm an old school girl, living in a tech savvy world, trying my best to have a creative outlet and ask this damn computer to love me instead of frustrate me a majority of the time.  It's been a strange transition moving away from more tangible means of creative outlets and mediums, i.e. painting, drawing, and makeup artistry. It's an exciting, ever-evolving adventure for me though. Not that I am reinventing or pioneering a new frontier by any means. It is though, still new to me! Which is fun. 

While I've been spending A LOT of time exploring, learning, studying all that the blogging world has to offer. I keep having a consistent, recurring thought...

One thing you'll never get back is time. 

The Luxe Wife-Time

When I think of it like that, it's pretty simple then. Why not pursue and explore dreams? What's holding you back?

The answer? Usually a two letter word, ME. I really can be a tough obstacle for myself. 

While I have agonized over the concept and contemplated, to blog or not to blog, that is the question. It seems rather trivial when I recalibrate my perspective. There is no time like the present. Certainly, on this journey that I've chosen, my words and inspirations may not be for everyone. That's ok though, at the end of the day, I come back to the fact, that I am exploring this creative outlet for me, something I must do, not something I feel I should or shouldn't.

Hopefully others will benefit, identify with and find it useful. However, if not, I tried and I'll never wonder, what if? 

We'll never get time back, so what are we going to do with the time we have remaining? 

Happy Saturday loves!