Patience Please: Find your chill, let life unfold it's beauty.

image Ashlee Hamon

Happy Friday loves!

No truer words have ever been spoken, as I wrote my initial post, Safari unexpectedly quit on me (twice!), forcing me to channel my inner patience that I've been working on. Oh Friday, you won't get me down!

Life can have a serious way of playing tricks and baiting us to explore anger and frustration...

This week I've been reflecting a bit, trying to listen to what my heart and mind need so that I can nurture them. 

It's funny though, listening to the two can be a real challenge sometimes. They can have such competing interests. It's like listening to your favorite song while scrolling your instagram feed, trying to have a conversation with your best friend who you're with and watching your favorite tv show all at the same time!

Needless to say, it can be a lot of interfering noise that distracts being in the present and knowing what intention to service. 

I've found that meditation helps to quiet my mind, so that my hearts intention can speak up. This week I set my intention to love. Self love specifically. We can be so mean to ourselves sometimes, setting unrealistic expectations and being our own worst critic when perfection isn't achieved. 

It's ok to be a work in progress, that's where self love comes in to play. We can't share compassion for others or have patience unless we learn to love ourselves first. 

Patience is such a fleeting practice. When you get a taste of it though, it's incredible the beauty that you notice in life as the world unfolds around you. Feeling the sunlight warm your bones, watching nature breath in and out swaying in the wind. Smelling your favorite cup of joe and actually sipping to enjoy it instead of pound it for the caffeine jolt to move on to the next frustrating item on your to-do list... yeah, I know right? There's a whole world out there just in your back yard (like the image I snapped above in my back yard).  

I encourage you to take a minute, try to quiet the mind, hear your heart out and see if you can give 5 minutes towards accomplishing that. Self love is a beautiful thing, I also notice it helps to harmonize the mind and the heart instead of having them scream over each other. 

Just some food for thought this Friday.

Cheers to you!